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Mindset & Performance Coaching

Our sympathetic, supportive and encouraging approach to build your & your horses confidence.

Mindset & Performance Coaching

Out of the saddle training focusing on rider mindset and confidence. Sam is a qualified NLP Practitioner as well as Advanced Centre10 Coach.

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What We


Would you like some additional skills to help you become more confident in the saddle and with your horse?


I have worked with many riders who have struggled with their confidence and I understand how frustrating and upsetting this can be. 

Together with a sympathetic, supportive and encouraging approach we can work through easy strategies to overcome these worries and get you back on track to where you want to be-riding confidently at YOUR BEST enjoying your horse once again and feeling more positive.   

Mindset Coaching

What’s holding you back and stopping you achieve what you want?

Mindset is so powerful to your success and ultimately your happiness and enjoyment, not only in the saddle but away from it too

I can help you discover a more positive mindset to help you grow in confidence and find the motivation to go for all those opportunities out there ready for you to experience and enjoy.

These sessions are better away from the horse initially. Together we can explore what’s happening and look how you can gain confidence to take action to achieve your goals and maximise you enjoyment.

Training & Lessons

There is nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than watching your horse develop and become the very best they can be. Horses need patience, time and a consistent approach to develop their confidence and trust. I am passionate about creating a supportive, empathetic and holistic environment for you and your horse to grow together in confidence so you can realise your goals and true potential.

We are available for lesson/coaching from our home in Somerset and Sam regularly holds clinics in and around the SW and Surrey 

If you are interested in organising a clinic or would like more information about clinic dates please do drop us a message. 

Pole work has so many benefits for both you and your horse. It’s great for concentration, co-ordination and developing the all import scales of training whether you Event, Show Jump, Show or prefer Dressage. 

Over the years I have created lots of floor plans so my clinics allow everyone to work at their own pace so you can build up confidence, develop new skills to encourage developing good rhythm,  all important suppleness, straightness with a clear improvement to contact and connection.

Individual slots and shared slots available. For the shared slots I encourage you to bring a friend so you know you are working at a similar level but more importantly so you can enjoy some fun with a friend 

Dressage Horse

"My confidence was rock bottom. But, with Sam’s knowledge, insight & positivity, I’ve gone from having a mare that always blew up in a dressage arena to one that now is listening. Whilst our flatwork remains work in progress, there’s no way we'd have come this far without Sam’s skill & support."

Louise Stewart - Muir

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