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A Mother Daughter Team

We recently moved to Somerset  having lived in the Surrey hills for 25 years. We are really enjoying getting to know the area as well as rebuilding our old farmhouse (of course the yard and arena was built first!) which is going to be a labour of love!

Phoebe and I really enjoy training our horses together it’s great to support and help each other daily, and yes like all healthy mum and daughter relationships we can agree to disagree! The one thing we always agree on is that the horses well being comes before anything else.

“Love the horse first and the sport second” 

Sam is an experience dressage rider with over 30 years experience coaching and competing. Sam competed at Young Riders internationally and is currently competing at PSG on her horse of a lifetime Henessy. 

Phoebe is currently competing at Medium with the view to come out at Advanced Medium with her mare Kati. Previously she trained her first horse (who she started competing at 12 with)  from a newly backed 4 year old through to PSG level.

At Osborn Dressage we love coaching, training and mentoring a variety of ages and abilities. Some are competition focused and out competing  working towards championships within the PC, RC, BD, BE and BD and some just want to enjoy a variety of equestrian pursuits confidently. 


Our aim is to help you and your horse develop a harmonious, happy and responsive partnership.   

Sam Osborn


Sam is a Recognised BD Coach (UKBDC2) and an Advanced Centre10 coach with 30 years of training and coaching experience. 

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There is nothing more rewarding and enjoyable than watching your horse develop and become the very best they can become? Horses need patience, time and a consistent approach to develop their confidence and trust. I am passionate about creating a supportive, empathetic and holistic environment for you and your horse to grow together in confidence so you can realise your goals and true potential.


I work with riders of all abilities, ages, some are focused on competing and some just want to enjoy a variety of equestrian pursuits, whether that be trips to the beach, sponsored rides or exploring the countryside. My aim is to help you and your horse develop a harmonious, happy and responsive partnership. 



We take a holistic approach, no short cuts and always with the horses best interests at heart. Building confidence and offering off horse support to goal setting and developing  self belief and a positive mindset. Helping you enjoy your horse what ever your goals may be

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